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Choosing appropriate storage solutions is difficult. Often your requirements are not clear from the start.

Data is not only growing constantly, but needs to be available around the clock. With the result that you purchase either too much or too little storage capacity or your purchase is not properly matched to the actual need.

Our specialists analyze and measure out the characteristics of your current environment. They are fully aware of all the possibilities for storage and virtualization.

We develop customized solutions that provide higher availability, better performance and more savings.

Local, virtual or cloud

You have a wide choice and you can choose the different types of storage to suit your needs and budget. Very frequently, combinations of two or more systems are selected.
You achieve to do data tiering, manual, semi-automatic or fully automated. Data-tiering does analyse the type of data and stores it on the correct type of medium (SSD, SAS, SATA, Cloud, etcc).

That way you get the desired performance, the proposed efficiency at the correct price.

Storage Spaces Direct

One of the smartest innovations in Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is Storage Spaces Direct.

Storage Spaces makes it possible to virtualize storage by grouping physical drives into shared storage pools, where virtual drives are made available as 'storage spaces'.

Storage Spaces Shared (better known as S3) was the driving force behind certified developers to send intensively deploying scale-out file serving (sofs) applications.

Back-up & Archive

Making backups or archiving less accessed data should be a permanent part of your storage strategy.

We help you to rest assured

Choice of the correct software, the strategy to be followed, the expected time to recovery and regular testing are crucial to be successful.

Disaster Recovery

What if it really goes wrong? We work with and for people and technology: unfortunately things sometimes go different than planned.

The choice of your storage, backup and archive solution will determine how quickly you can get back available the most critical issues in a real "disaster".

SME's still often think: "Not at our site(s)!".

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