ECX ICT Business Solutions

Helpdesk Services

Better, faster and professional helpdesk support to your end users?

ECX offers a comprehensive and professional helpdesk. Our helpdesk can support you remotely or locally. You want extra people on your helpdesk or a combination of onsite and remote helpdesk. Please contact us for a customized solution for your organization.

Adjust or set up your internal help desk?

If you want to set up an internal ICT helpdesk or optimizing your existing help desk, ECX can advise you with our expertise.

Benefits of the ECX helpdesk

  • ECX guarantees duplication of helpdesk resources so that you can continue providing support in case of sickness, holidays and peak times.
  • External support team with helpdesk experience and help desk best practices.
  • ECX helps you in expanding the information of support with our ECX helpdesk bible.
  • Escalation to our senior engineers if necessary.

ECX can help you!

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Benefits for your orgnaisation:

  • More flexibility
  • Faster support
  • Varied knowledge
  • Helpdesk solution for peak moments
  • Professional Ticketing system
  • Fast backup during holidays or illness of your people
  • Continuity